Native Subterranean Termites

Our most common species of termite attacking homes in south Louisiana.

  • Application of a soil termiticide (Termidor®) to form a termite barrier around the house.
  • Termite contract renewable annually.

Formosan Subterranean Termites

A new destructive termite pest beginning to appear in the Baton Rouge area.

  • Application of a soil temiticide (Termidor®) to form a barrier around the house.
  • If Formosans have infested the house, the nest area (walls) will be foamed with Termidor.
  • Termite contract renewable annually.

Wood Destroying Insect Monitoring Programs

We offer two services for homeowners without infestations (why wait until damage is done!).

  • An annual inspection of your property for wood destroying insects and a report listing any conditions that are conducive to a termite infestation, with recommendations for corrections.
  • A termite bait monitoring and control system (Firstline®) placed around the house and checked regularly to prevent the establishment of termite colonies on the premises.

Drywood Termites

These termites don’t require a soil connection or a moisture source.

  • Drill and inject termiticide into termite galleries in infested wood members. Tim-Bor® (boron) applied to the surface of wood to protect it from future infestations.

Powder-post Beetles

These beetles attack the sub-floor and joists of pier homes, weakening the structure.

  • Tim-Bor® (boron) applied to the surface of wood members.
    Boron is inert, will not degrade, and will diffuse through the wood over a period of months.
  • Contract is renewable annually, with annual inspections to insure no renewed beetle activity.

Wood Rot Fungi

Wood rot fungi feed on the sub-floor and joists of pier houses under conditions of high humidity.

  • Application of Tim-Bor® (boron) to the surface of wood members. Boron is inert, will not degrade, and will diffuse through the wood over a period of months, providing long time control of fungi.
  • A vapor barrier (plastic sheathing placed on the soil beneath the house) to lower the humidity or ventilation ducts to increase air flow beneath the house may be needed.

Real Estate Wood Destroying Insect Reports

  • An inspection for termites is required before the sale of a property.


  • Rick Story is available for consulting in areas related to termites and other wood destroying insects, as well as general pest control. He has experience in serving as both a consultant and as an expert witness.